About Lynn Steblecki

Lynn lives with her husband Karol in the New Forest, England.

Her social activities are  limited by her physical condition called Scleroderma, but this was not always the case.

In her earlier life in Zimbabwe and South Africa she was a successful entrepreneurial businesswoman, and took an active interest in wildlife conservation.

She enjoyed swimming, surfing and modelling.

Sadly she can no longer take part in those highly demanding activities. But writing has proved just to be as difficult to be successful in. Thanks to her tutor, supportive friends and colleagues in the creative and autobiography classes, she has managed to complete a 60 000 word novel . The book is not about her illness, it’s about romance, excitement and life in South Africa.

Her determination not be defined by scleroderma has led her to become  an  ambassador for the Charles Wolfston Centre for reconstructive surgery, charity for stem cell transfer research and for  scleroderma.   Lynn also participates in public speaking at engagements.

Success in reaching the semi finals of the Venus awards in influential woman of the year in 2015, is testimony of her firm resolution to succeed.

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