Why did I write this book?

Maybe I wanted to remind myself of the life I use to live, where nothing held me back. As conservation, protecting wildlife and endangered species is a passion of mine, my novel gave me an opportunity to highlight the appalling rhino and elephant poaching in Africa.

Once I’d commenced attending autobiography and creative writing classes in 2011 an amazing thing happened. I began to get glimpses of my former self. My confidence, self worth and purpose began to remerge. I was hooked! My tutor pointed out I had a talent for story telling…a part of me I didn’t even know existed!

I had a new purpose in life. Something positive to focus on, to escape from illness, treatments and continual hospital admissions.

The book you have in your hands needs no introduction from me: start reading it and you won’t stop till the last page. It’s a romantic, highly-charged story which sweeps you up into the drama of its hero and heroine; it’s touching, funny, sexy and exotic – and paints a very alarming picture of South Africa today. It’s about the search for love, the strength to believe that one is entitled to love and to be loved. All of that you will see for yourself.

Actor and Director Simon Callow CBE, London 2017

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